Medical Transportation Services

Health Transport

What we do

When it comes to one’s health, we understand the lasting impact of a helping hand.

If mobility becomes a challenge and you or a loved one needs medical transportation to important doctor appointments, we’re here to help. Our paratransit drivers and EMTs are committed to improving patient health and well-being with every transport, no matter how routine.

Health Transport Partners offers non-emergency medical transportation services (NEMT) to York County. Our safe and modern fleet of non-emergency ambulances, wheelchair vans and secure SUVs will transport patients for preventative care, rehabilitation services, behavioral health and recurring appointments.

Pick-Up / Drop-Off

Today, most health transport needs aren’t emergencies. When recurring appointments and scheduled outpatient therapy or medical services require safe medical service for travel, we can help.

Our certified EMTs and paratransit drivers offer point-to-point pick-up and drop-off between healthcare systems, rehabilitation centers and residential facilities across York County. Whether it’s one way or round trip, Health Transport Partners is committed to get you or your loved one there safely and comfortably.

We’ll pick you up, get you to your appointment on time and then take you safely back home. Our mission is clear: provide safe, dependable and compassionate transportation and improve patient health.

Choose between ambulance, wheelchair van, secure SUV or medical sedan for transport.

Not sure which to select? We can help choose the right vehicle to meet your needs. Learn more about our vehicles here.

Service Area – York County, PA

Schedule transportation today and we’ll get you to your appointment quickly, safely and conveniently.

Health Transport Partners will pick-up patients anywhere within York County (local and long distance). If you require transport outside of our standard operating region (out-of-state or Canada), please contact us to make special arrangements.

We will drop-off at any healthcare system, rehabilitation center, residential treatment facility or personal residence.