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Summary: HTP Inc. Dispatchers are responsible for non-emergency call taking, dispatching of non-emergency medical transportation, insurance verification, data entry and various billing duties as assigned.

Primary Job Duties:

The following duties are considered essential to the job.

  1. Supports the HTP Inc. philosophy, mission and core values.
  2. Answers all telephone and radio calls professionally and politely.
  3. Immediately directs all emergency 911 related calls to the County’s PSAP.
  4. Coordinates telephone/cellular calls, faxes, radio communications, and schedules / dispatches (immediate, urgent, and non-urgent) medical transportation.
  5. Obtains and reviews all necessary information necessary to safely, efficiently, fiscally and appropriately arrange for patient transportation within requested timeframes.
  6. Notifies President when requests exceed resources.
  7. Works collaboratively with all contracted facilities.
  8. Coordinates / schedules non-emergency medical transportation consistent with the Company’s pick-up and drop-off time(s) compliance standards.
  9. Seeks direction (as needed) from supervisory and managerial personnel when necessary.
  10. Reviews all documentation (including Physician Certification Statements (PCS) for accuracy before entering events into Patient Care Report (PCR) and Medical Dispatch software applications.
  11. Secures all required and necessary insurance verification and authorization for NEMT trips.
  12. Assists with system status management and other support functions. i.e., calling in on-call personnel, off-duty personnel and support when requested.
  13. Provides administrative, billing, data entry, copying and filing support.
  14. Does not provide any medical advice to callers.
  15. Cultivates professional and collaborative relationships with HTP Inc. staff members, EMS agencies, hospitals, physicians, PSAPs and members of the community.
  16. Ability to organize and remain professional while in a high stress environment.
  17. Uses downtime efficiently.
  18. Maintains caller’s/patient’s information in confidence.


LANGUAGE: Ability to read technical journals and abstracts. Ability to participate in formal debate; communicate extemporaneously over the telephone and radio using correct English.

MATHEMATICS: Able to understand basic mathematical concepts and apply them to problem-solving situations.

EQUIPMENT: Ability to use all essential equipment to perform the duties includes in this job description.

PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: Degree of physical exertion is light, exerting up to 50 pounds of force to occasionally move objects.

BODY POSITION AND MOVEMENT: The following positions or movements are typical of the job:

  • DRIVING: Rarely
  • SITTING: Frequently
  • WALKING: Frequently
  • STANDING: Occasionally
  1. REACHING: Frequently (extending out, retrieving objects outside immediate range).
  2. PUSHING: Occasionally (to press against something with light force in order to thrust forward, downward, or outward).
  3. PULLING: Occasionally (to exert a moderate force in order to draw, drag, haul or tug objects horizontally from position to position). When other appropriate personnel are available, use of assistance is required.
  4. END-RANGE MOTION: Frequently (to fully extend or retract a bodily part or joint to its maximum range in order to reach, push, pull, list, or otherwise perform job functions).
  5. STOOPING/CRAWLING: Seldom (to lower the body to floor level and move about with agility).

VISUAL REQUIREMENTS: Considerations include color, depth perception and field of vision. The job requires a good sense of vision (with or without correction) necessary to distinguish like objects from one another, to scan fields of data and select numbers or characters, and/or to detect and visually follow moving objects.

AUDITORY (HEARING) REQUIREMENTS: Examples of the types of sounds, which must be heard, and the reason they must be heard are listed below.

Sound – Purpose:

  • Two-way radio – to converse/communicate
  • Telephone ringing – to answer incoming calls
  • Voices –  to converse/communicate

ATTENTION/CONCENTRATION: The following level of ability is essential for the jobholder to focus on certain aspects of current experience and reject others. The position requires the ability to attend to more than one aspect of a situation simultaneously. It is highly likely that multiple task demands are going to be required of the individual at the same time.

NEW LEARNING AND MEMORY: The following level of ability is essential for the jobholder to learn and retain material. A large portion of this position requires reliance on verbal memory and new learning. Efficiency in processing of verbal information, either in written or spoken form, is a major requirement and prerequisite of the job. The individual must be able to attend to and process multiple bits of information simultaneously. The individual must be able to organize and categorize this information effectively so that later recall is feasible.

PROBLEM SOLVING, REASONING AND CREATIVE THINKING: The following level of ability that is essential for the jobholder to think (in order to solve a problem) by combining two or more elements from past experience or imaginative thought.

  1. The position requires much autonomy of thought and problem solving. The individual must be able to apply principles of logical or scientific thinking to define problems. The individual must be able to think abstractly, which is manifested in the ability to form concepts, use categories, generalize from single instances, apply procedural rules and general principles, and be aware of subtle or intrinsic aspects of a problem.

TEMPERAMENTS: The following are essential requirements of the position in relation to job-worker situations. These items describe how a worker must adapt, adjust, conform or act:

  1. Ability to accept responsibility for direction, control, planning, organizing, directing, formulating practices, or making final decisions.
  2. Creativity, feelings or ideas: Ability to adapt to situations involving the interpretation of feelings, ideas, or facts in terms of personal viewpoint; to use creativity, self-expression, or imagination.
  3. Influencing Others: Ability to influence people in their opinions, attitudes or judgments about ideas or things; to motivate, convince or negotiate.
  4. Performing under stressful conditions: Ability to ask effective questions and maintain call control; while performing under stress and confronted with emergency or unusual situations.
  5. Variety and change: Ability to perform a variety of duties, often changing from one task to another of a different nature without loss of efficiency or composure involving significant differences in technologies, techniques, procedures, environmental factors, physical demands, or work situations.
  6. Communication: Ability to exchange information with others clearly and concisely; to present ideas, facts and technical information.
  7. Planning and Control: Ability to identify task requirements and monitor progress toward accomplishment.
  8. Interpersonal Relations: Ability to maintain relationships that facilitate task accomplishment; to cooperate and resolve conflicts; to recognize needs and be sensitive of others.



Element – Degree of Exposure: (Seldom, Occasional, Frequent, Continuous)

  • Blood and body fluids – seldom
  • Contaminated needle sticks – seldom
  • Hazardous gas/chemical fumes – seldom
  • Exposed electric lines – seldom

SUMMARY STATEMENT: This job description is not intended and should not be construed to be an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, skills, efforts, or working conditions associated with the job; it is intended to be a reflection of those principal job elements essential for recruitment and selection, for making fair job evaluations, and for establishing performance standards. The percentages of time spent performing job duties are estimates, and should not be considered absolute. The incumbent shall perform all other functions and/or be cross-trained as shall be determined at the sole discretion of management, who has the right to amend, modify, or terminate this job in part or in whole.

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Job Features

Age18 years or older
EducationHigh School Diploma or G.E.D.
Experience6 months of related experience.
OtherThe ability to perform this job successfully, the individual must be able to perform each essential duty in a satisfactory manner. The individual must also demonstrate strong communication/organizational skills and computer experience (Windows Word, Excel / Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD)/ Database management).

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